3 clips to end ya week with!

So another weekend has come to an end… The riggers’s aka YMCMBigby’s were absent (which could explain our lack of productivity) as those two got to spend the weekend being festival heads up at splendor and would’ve seen a few dope shows there. We also said “see ya soon bro” to Nathan who will not be with us for sometime but he will be killing it as per usual on and off his plank and he will be with us both in spirit and in instagram. DOGGIES BRAHH! Helms the shit outta those Amurrrrkins! But all in all fun times were had, got a bit of iphone footage and we did manage to peel back a few KFC drumsticks as usual. Here’s some clips to peep in this week’s final moments of consciousness. Much Love, DP

This first one is a recommendation from Jayden and I after the ‘music video booty’ marathon we sat through in the wee hours of this morning. Please share our appreciation for Nicki Minaj’s hypnotizing curves. I called shotty first though…

This one’s for Nathan. We will miss you bro. Look after your handsome self and stay DANGEROUS… click click BOOM BOOM

and finally if you’re after a giggle this may blow your skirt up. Here’s some of Phil’s cousins up to no good…

Posse Weekend – LP’s 21st

It was DP member LP Nuku’s 21st birthday over the past week, So a convoy with a car load of lads from The Bay and 2 car loads of DP members made a trip down to the sunset strip to party up at the GC posse house.

Happy 21st Birthday LP! Since you didn’t have any  embarrassing speeches consider this as your coming of age.

Beacho and G'ieb getting ready for the convoy down
New Boards, Good to go!


The day had a intresting end to it……so it was off to the GC posse house to get ONIT and celebrate the birth of our good friend LP Nuku. Heres a few pics from the evening.

This was LP's "Yardy". Since he didnt have one set up. A donation bucket went around collecting booze from what everyone was drinking. LP has a swig while Jayden and Kurt look on

Struggle City
Hayley and Beacho in the party spirit!
Jayden, Kurt, Nate, Beacho and Hayley
Woody and G'ieb getting down
Lp going for a casual shopping trip
Nek Minut........The bucket hit home. Charlie gives the birthday boy a little cuddle
Whilst you were sleeping......
Pedge with a marker + a passed out birthday = Trouble
Uncle Tarry was there, iYF!
Leroy made the trip up from Sydney. He then left his shoes on after a nig night. Rules are rules Leroy.
The artist and her masterpeice.
Happy Birthday again LP. Lucky we didn't get our hands on any baby photos.

Sunday was a write off. See you next week.

Posse Weekend

A few pics of what the boys got up to this weekend. Click on the pics to enlarge.

A few warm up tricks to start the day right!

Beacho snaps a monster ollie from the flat
C-Roux – Nosegrind
LP – Backside Noseblunt
Beacho – Lipsides to fakie accross the whole block
Pedro has been injured lately and had been itching to getting back to ripping. Backside Blunt with a munted hand. Still bosssssy

With the Posse all nice and warmed up, it was time to move on.

Big Rigby got not a lot of sleep due to evening antics the night before but he still came out and did what he does best. Dedicated
Jayden, Fakie Ollie Swich F/S noseslide fueled off 0hrs sleep
Pedro was hitting this gap so fast that I didnt manage to get a clear picture. Mach 10 Kickflip
Jayden 50-50’s while the posse watches on
Jayden – Nose bonk
Skateboarding is about having FUN first and foremost. Pedge, Jarrod and Luke Riggers know how to have FUN while J-Wow gets some bonkage. DOGGIES!