Posse Weekend

A few pics of what the boys got up to this weekend. Click on the pics to enlarge.

A few warm up tricks to start the day right!

Beacho snaps a monster ollie from the flat
C-Roux – Nosegrind
LP – Backside Noseblunt
Beacho – Lipsides to fakie accross the whole block
Pedro has been injured lately and had been itching to getting back to ripping. Backside Blunt with a munted hand. Still bosssssy

With the Posse all nice and warmed up, it was time to move on.

Big Rigby got not a lot of sleep due to evening antics the night before but he still came out and did what he does best. Dedicated
Jayden, Fakie Ollie Swich F/S noseslide fueled off 0hrs sleep
Pedro was hitting this gap so fast that I didnt manage to get a clear picture. Mach 10 Kickflip
Jayden 50-50’s while the posse watches on
Jayden – Nose bonk
Skateboarding is about having FUN first and foremost. Pedge, Jarrod and Luke Riggers know how to have FUN while J-Wow gets some bonkage. DOGGIES!