Posse Weekend – LP’s 21st

It was DP member LP Nuku’s 21st birthday over the past week, So a convoy with a car load of lads from The Bay and 2 car loads of DP members made a trip down to the sunset strip to party up at the GC posse house.

Happy 21st Birthday LP! Since you didn’t have any  embarrassing speeches consider this as your coming of age.

Beacho and G'ieb getting ready for the convoy down
New Boards, Good to go!


The day had a intresting end to it……so it was off to the GC posse house to get ONIT and celebrate the birth of our good friend LP Nuku. Heres a few pics from the evening.

This was LP's "Yardy". Since he didnt have one set up. A donation bucket went around collecting booze from what everyone was drinking. LP has a swig while Jayden and Kurt look on

Struggle City
Hayley and Beacho in the party spirit!
Jayden, Kurt, Nate, Beacho and Hayley
Woody and G'ieb getting down
Lp going for a casual shopping trip
Nek Minut........The bucket hit home. Charlie gives the birthday boy a little cuddle
Whilst you were sleeping......
Pedge with a marker + a passed out birthday = Trouble
Uncle Tarry was there, iYF!
Leroy made the trip up from Sydney. He then left his shoes on after a nig night. Rules are rules Leroy.
The artist and her masterpeice.
Happy Birthday again LP. Lucky we didn't get our hands on any baby photos.

Sunday was a write off. See you next week.