3 clips to end ya week with!

So another weekend has come to an end… The riggers’s aka YMCMBigby’s were absent (which could explain our lack of productivity) as those two got to spend the weekend being festival heads up at splendor and would’ve seen a few dope shows there. We also said “see ya soon bro” to Nathan who will not be with us for sometime but he will be killing it as per usual on and off his plank and he will be with us both in spirit and in instagram. DOGGIES BRAHH! Helms the shit outta those Amurrrrkins! But all in all fun times were had, got a bit of iphone footage and we did manage to peel back a few KFC drumsticks as usual. Here’s some clips to peep in this week’s final moments of consciousness. Much Love, DP

This first one is a recommendation from Jayden and I after the ‘music video booty’ marathon we sat through in the wee hours of this morning. Please share our appreciation for Nicki Minaj’s hypnotizing curves. I called shotty first though…

This one’s for Nathan. We will miss you bro. Look after your handsome self and stay DANGEROUS… click click BOOM BOOM

and finally if you’re after a giggle this may blow your skirt up. Here’s some of Phil’s cousins up to no good…


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