Posse Weekends

OK, Posse Weekends are back in action! Had some dramas with cameras, computers, chargers….etc. So heres a bunch of photos collected from the past few Posse Weekends.

On another note, Mr. Charlie Roux has departed the land of fakes tans, pink shirts and big sunglasses and has made the move to Melbourne to hang out with fellow Posse member, Gus Faithful and The Bay homie Chris Coleman. Your in safe hands Mr. Roux.

Big Rigby puts the camera down longer enough to float a backside ollie over the hip. Faaareeessssshhhhhhh!!!
Pedro warms up at Coops the best way he knows how. WIth a Bennihana over the hip!
LP getting the legs ready with a steezy F/S Crooks.
Nate with a Nosegrind at Capalaba before jet setting around America with the Baker/Shake Junt lads and cruising around in Cali in Shane O'Neils Jag
Killa Cam with a smooth B/S Tail
Killa also has Killa Back Smiths as shown here
Cam busts a Kicky to fakie so smoooth I can't believe its not butter!
DNP - Noseslide
DNP getting into the groove with a long Switch Ollie down a triple
Jayden throws a Crooks up the ledge
LP getting his Back Tail on
Pedro getting down to business! You'll have to wait to see what DNP got up to here!
Jayden. Steez. Check that front hand!
Last but not least, We gave Charlie a goodbye Pressie before he left. DP board signed by all the homies. We miss you Charlie!! Stay Dangerous!

This weekend is the King of Coops comp! The posse will be there so come along and hang out. There will be proddy give-a-ways, prize money, and a few different  divisons and even a mini ramp jam for the tranny doggs, GET THE COPING GUUUT! See you all there!


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