Posse Weekends

It was a relatively quiet weekend for the Posse on the Skate front. We went and got our Danger Bay on and hung out with the Bay lads for the majority of the weekend. There were a few Birthday celebrations over the weekend too so a BIG posse Happy Birthday to Hayley-Marie and Sweeny!

There was some swimming action, sunshine, and general good vibes all round as per always with The Bay boys. We also managed to have a little unplanned Sunday arvo session at Paddo, so here are a few pics.

Also, it was Alex Lawton’s last weekend here in Brisbane as he leaves to go and shred up the states for a few months today. The Posse will miss you Allen…..I mean Alex, DANGER BAY!

Some of the crew for the day
Battlecat warms the day up with a mellow hill bomb
Battles then snaps a ollie over a manhole at the bottom of said hill for some of the lads
Joely spins around while getting his tuck knee on out of the tranny at Paddo
LP - Crooks transfer along the flat, into the tranny.
Beacho switching it up with a switch tail slide
Beacho hucks a massive Ollie transfer from the quarter into the tranny
In case you haven't heard, Sweeny's back! Birthday crooks for the birthday boy!

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