Posse Weekend

This weather needs to sort itself out!! Managed to Posse up on Sunday and hit a few spots however. Some lines were done, hammers dropped. Have a wee look at some of the action from Sunday.


Stormtroopers were out in force on Sunday
Troopers getting thier march on!
The brothers Rigby, Checking the spot.
The Posse taking in some refuge from the boiling sun
No such luck for team media however. Gotta get them angles!
Time to move onto the next spot to get some lines. Beacho and Luke logging footage!
I told you a few Posse weekends ago Cam has killah back smiths. Just incase you thought I was wrong.....
Cam & Jayden, Dicussing the finer points of.......umm...uhh...god knows.
Lp Nuku and his Puku. Thats Maori for belly.
Jaydos with a no look back tail. What chu lookin' at punk!?
The boys, Focused on some trickery!
Footage Check!!!
Gooood to go!


See you next week! DP



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