Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween people. Heres a few outakes and throwaways from our Halloween clip Rigby made for the Analog/Gravis/Skateboard.com.au comp. Have a look at the post below if you haven’t see the full clip!

Michael going for a crotch grab mid 50-50, Even when skating he can't stop dancing
Heelflip over the kicker from Beacho
A Zombified Cam gets some height out of a small kicker
Jarrod with a Zombie nosegrind
Cam with a steezy Tre while MJ looks on.
The man behind it all, Luke getting down to busniess
Gang of Zombies
Zombie Cam mid B/S Shifty while MJ Gets excited and gets all up on them toes!
If Michael Jackson actually skated, I reckon he'd have Air Walks on LOCK! THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!

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