Posse Photo Dump 1

So heres a bunch of photos I have of the posse doing there thing during the past few weekends. Most are just warm up tricks and throwaways , but check em out!

Cam warming up the legs with a rocket air at Thornlands, Whats up The Bay!?
Beacho feeling things out with a nice ollie
Pedro easing into things with a casual 50-50
Pedro with a big ollie at the local
Jayden navigates through a tricky BS 50
This is Longboard Jerry. One of the funnest human beings to be around. Stalefish on the tall part of the coops mini. On a longer board too mind you.....
Pedro with a tall 5-0 at Coops
Warm up spot for the day. Beacho 5-0's with the posse in tow
DP at KP

Posse Weekend

So I know Ive been lagging in the photo department lately. But theres good news! That just means theres a whole bunch of photos to put up, So keep checking back during the week where there will be a few photo dumps from what the boys have been doing.

For now heres a bunch of photos from the weekend!

Our good friend, Tawa Hayes was visiting the Gold Coast over the weekend so a few of the Brissy lads made the trip down to Posse up with the GC based boys.

Tawa shreds and it was good to hang out with him again!
Chur to you my brother!!

This is Tawa. He is Awsome!
Tawa did this first shot and pretty much every shot after
Backside Shifty. Tawa
Jayden chips in with a feebs

The weather was playing silly buggers all weekend so we ended up hitting a undercover ghetto spot which was really fun. It was nice and dry and there was plenty of fun had by all!

The Beacho show was in full effect here, He shredded that place like no tomorrow.

Young Kobe coming in hot with a BS Tail!
Beacho warms the legs up with a BS lipslide
FS Tail up from Mr. Beacho
Beacho impersonating Leo, Nosegrind up
Tawa gets his vego on with a steezy Salad grind!
5-0 from Beacho!
Crooks by Beacho
Beacho, Lipslide.

Beacho always finds some crazy ways to skate things. Nose stall to fakie
Tawa with a pole jam

The boys go wild over Cam's trick!!!!!!!!!!

We did manage to go skate a few spots untill the rain came in.

Cam feeling things out with a 50-50
Pedro, Warms up with a lipslide
LP getting down to business!!!! Crooks with some extra steez thrown in.