Posse Photo Dump 1

So heres a bunch of photos I have of the posse doing there thing during the past few weekends. Most are just warm up tricks and throwaways , but check em out!

Cam warming up the legs with a rocket air at Thornlands, Whats up The Bay!?
Beacho feeling things out with a nice ollie
Pedro easing into things with a casual 50-50
Pedro with a big ollie at the local
Jayden navigates through a tricky BS 50
This is Longboard Jerry. One of the funnest human beings to be around. Stalefish on the tall part of the coops mini. On a longer board too mind you.....
Pedro with a tall 5-0 at Coops
Warm up spot for the day. Beacho 5-0's with the posse in tow
DP at KP

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