Posse taking out the first Nike SBA Am Comp!

BIG Congrats to DP member Andrew “Beacho” Beauchamp for taking out 1st place in the opens at the first Nike SBA Am Series at Nerang over the weekend! It was a good day for the Posse with Pedro coming in 2nd and The Bay homie Pat Gemzik rounding out 3rd place.

Beacho, Pedro and Pat along with special wildcard Mike Lawry all got entries to the finals in Melbourne!

Big ups boys!!!


Posse In Melbourne

Happy New Years!!

Hope everybody had nice xmas and a fun start to the year!
The Posse have been putting in work latley and ya’ll should hopefully be able to see why soon!

At the start of Decemeber, The Posse did a mission down to Melbourne. The main catalyst of the trip was the Emineim/Weezy concert, But also to see Posse member Charlie Roux!

Whist down there, we managed to get a few good days of skating in.

We also welcomed Nathan back into the country!
All in all it was a really fun trip. Beers were drunk, Hangovers were felt and good times were had by all.

BIG Thanks to Tawa & Elka and the rest of the Chapel St crew for providing us with a roof over our heads and the good company!

Tawa blasts a steezy ollie over the rail at the start of a line with security breathing down his neck!
Becho with a 5-0 on the inside of the ledge
Rigby and Pedro get down to work at this famous Melbourne manual pad
Josh squeezing in a quick strech, while Jashan tries to find his angle
It was so rad hanging out with Charlie again! Hes been repping for the Posse in Melbourne, Miss this guy! Here he throws down a steezy Bs 180 nosegrind.
Pedro chips in with a Bs Smith
Jaydens warmimg up with a nose manual
It was super hot in Melbourne, Jaydens cools his feet off with a dip
DNP during a game of S.K.A.T.E. with some Melbourne grommies
Beacho warming the legs up with a F/s Shuv over the gap
The brother Rigbys,Luke and Jarrod with his usual routine, ASLEEP on the job!
Nate Mate is back in the country!! Beachos excited
You know what that means, 30 pack! ONIT!!!
New Ink for Nate Mate