Posse Photo Dump

Todays Photo dump are a mix of photos from this weekend just been to a little while ago. A few of the Posse lads as well as some boys from The Bay will be in Melbourne this weekend for the SBA Shocklands Comp

If your around and about, get down to Shocklands this weeknd and show Australian Skateboarding some support !!

Beacho – Halfcab Boardslide, Up, across, and back down again. A sequence of this was run in the latest Skate Journal shot by Jake Darwen. Go grab a copy and check it out, Such a crazy trick/spot!
Pedro getting down with a front nose blunt
Jayden backing his H-Town homie up with a Back Noseblunt
Gav, going above the arrow on this Wallride
Pedro will be skating in the SBA Shocklands comp in Melbourne this weekend. If your in Melbourne, get down to Docklands to check out some amazing talent on show. GO DNP! BS50-50 on a rail about the width of a matchstick.

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