This weeks Dangerous 10 is with Coops OG Tom Daley .

Tom has been in the skate scene for a minute , with some of the best heelflip variations you will see.

He also has taken a path in Hip Hop and can MC pretty damn good .

He also if a good friend of the posse , and we are pumped to have him answer some Questions .


Tom Daley (Thomacide)

1. What are you rolling with at the moment ? (skate setup / Film set up / Photo set up )

Mystery 8.12, Thunder lights, Some wheels Kane Stewart swore by which Patty G saw me riding and nearly gave me a blowie he was that excited, as well as spitfire bearings.

2. Favourite Aussie skater/s ?

Tommy Fynn, Beacho because I’ve known him since I was about 12/13 growing up skating and you can see how far he’s come by the way he skates. He used to hold it down in the wigger department too hahaha that dude was a legit gangster on the board back then.

3. FAvourite Aussie Videos/webclips ?

All of that Dad Cam shit is hilarious!

4. 3 things you do before you leave home ?

Eat breakfast, Check out some adult sites, Sing the shit out of whatever music is playing (I’ve had two complaints from neighbours this year) my speakers go hard.

5. Favourite Home cooked meal/ Favourite Eat out meal ?

I cook most of my meals and they’re fucking terrible because I try to experiment and do all this new shit I read in cook books which never works out. Apart from that I love a good feed from Oporto

6. Best Place you have traveled to and why ?

I’ve only traveled to Europe outside of Aus, but i’d have to say Paris. The French culture is pretty sick, I remember seeing this footbridge across one of the rivers where it was semi-legal to drink in public there and there was just groups of people sitting down in circles talking shit in french drinking bottles of red. The top of the Eiffel Tower is the most amazing view as well, that city is amazing. Going places where there is somewhat of a language barrier is always interesting and funny…Shit chat though. I can’t forget Berlin either, you can drink in public there, so even if you’re sick of a club you can go to a kebab shop and buy a tallie for like $3 Aus and take a roadie.

7. Best skate city you have been to ?


8. Biggest influences ?

J. Cole. I’ve had way to many over the years but for where I’m at right now in life in terms of music and studying and just trying to stay grounded I can relate to J.Cole’s music alot. It’s good to see people can still make good hip-hop and make it big without trying to get airplay on hit radio stations.

9. Websites or apps checked on the Reg ?

Instagram (follow me @thomacide) Facebook and a few little groups I’m apart of in there, The Berrics, Soundcloud

10. What are you working on in 2012 ?

I’m apart of a duo called Enough Rope, we have our first mixtape underway and it’s starting to sound pretty cool I’m just keen to get it finished and release it. We played our first proper show at the Born Fresh Block Party which was mental, I’m looking forward to doing more gigs and ultimately work on more music and see myself progress as an artist.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Enough-Rope/140383786030927

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/enough-rope-bne/promo-good-morning