Our brissy Bike dog mates have been going HAM in the streets lately filming for there street Video


We party with these guys on the reg , good bunch of dudes and should be a good watch , with alot of them fans of skating and
most skate videos that come out it will no doubt turn out rad . !

Filmed and Edited by Troy ” Big Salad ” Charlesworth .

Posse Photo Dump

Here are this weeks Photo Dump. Some old, and a freshie or two.

First up is Beacho with a Bs Nosepick.
Kobe warming up with a Boardslide
Pedro pops over a wheelchair ramp. This can be seen in Pedro’s online Slam clip.
Cam -Bs Smith, Jashan’s version was posted up here a little while back
Jayden – Fs Blunt Transfer

Posse Photo Dump

Apologies for slipping on last weeks Photo Dump! This week we have some photos of what the Posse have been up to over the past few weekends.

Jarrod – Fs Noseblunt
Kobe – Bs Tail
Jayden – Warms up with a Fs Tail
Pedro – Bs Lipslide
Jarrod – Lipslides down the whole block
Beacho has been a machine as of late. Bs 180 Nosegrind right into RVCA’s flow programme, Hells Yes BEACHO!
Guest trick this week goes to the one and only, Dennis Durrant. Dennis warms up with a classic noseslide with an assit from DNP

Posse Photo Dump

This weeks photo dump comes in the form of sequences. These are just a bunch of tricks and warm up stuff that I found hiding on my computer.


Nate, FS5-0, He did a bunch of these, this was the first one he landed and the only sequence I managed to get of it.
Beacho, Gap to Lipslide
DNP, Lipslide 270
Guest trick of the week, Gav FS noseblunt