Posse Photo Dump – Behind the Scenes

Happy Wensday People,

This weeks Photo Dump are a bunch of lifestyle photos of what the Posse get up to behind the scenes and when they are not on thier boards.

For the Posse, Skateboarding’s not just about jumping down shit or what flip trick you can do out of your noseslides. Its also about having fun with your homies, and letting the good times roll.

Danger Bay Alert! Nate – Halfcab Heels while the Danger Bay (Dangerous Posse & The Bay) lads watch on
Beacho, Nate and Pedro chilling
Josh King and PedroRooftop lurking while Casey launches a jump into the sunset
Jarrod, Nate and Jayden, Rooftop Sunset Sessions
Kobe’s board fell from the rooftop, so Casey and he made the mission down to retrive his board!
Luke and LP take a break from the hot sun while filming some lines over the weekend
More Danger Bay moments, Beacho and Ant Bull helping out Alex and offering some encouragment!
Beacho+Nate+Pedro = This
End Result

Enjoy the rest of your week out there!


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