Posse Photo Dump – Posse Weekends

This weeks bunch of photos is a bunch of photos/tricks from the past few weekends.

Beacho tests out this set with a Boneless
Kobe, One footed board snap.
Nate, warm up Ollie.
Jayden, AKA Ball Bags Man, AKA BBM. Lipslide pop out
It was a super hot the day we skated this spot, The boys were putting in work though!
Beacho has recently found himself a home on the Gravis roster, so go give him a hi five next time you see him! Wallie over the pipe and into the bank in his new Gravis kicks.
Guest trick this week goes to none other than good Posse homie Bradley Schmadley! Bradley dosnt normally huck down stairs, but he commited to this Ollie!! Yea Husky!!!