Kristen Famularo is an amazing human . After meeting him through skateboarding a few years back i have had the chance of being
in his company on a number of occasions .

One time in Melbourne particularly where we had lunch after skating , and he told me this amazing story of his brother almost dying
and having Open Heart Surgery . That story somehow always comes back to me on a regular basis . It always humbles you and gives
you a better outlook on life .

Kristen has always had an amazing outlook on life in general even before his brothers near death experience .

Kristen went in for Open Heart surgery Yesterday and reports are the recovery is going well .

So I am sending out prayers and positive vibes to Kristen and His Family .

Kristen will also have a Trick or too in the DP video , so keep an i eye for that , and hope to see him shredding again in no time !
Best of Luck and Get Well soon Man . Luke

Below is an inspirational story from his brother joel and how he got through his near death experience .

Joel Famularo – Hope from Blood and Words on Vimeo.