Dangerous 10 With Cody Riley

This weeks Dangerous 10 is with Hi Deaf homie Cody Riley from Sydney

Cody - BS Tail on a Brisbane back with DNP capturing the footage! Photo - Phill Joe
Cody – BS Tail on a Brisbane back with DNP capturing the footage! Photo – Phill Joe

1. What are you rolling with at the moment ? (skate setup / Film set up /
Photo set up )

Mystery P2 8.12, 50mm Ricta Streets, Bones Super Reds, Ventures

2. Favourite Aussie skater/s ?
Burman Pedro Chima Durrant Fynn Anyone ive met really inspires me!

3. FAvourite Aussie Videos/webclips ?
Onset/Killself n Just Homie clips GetRads are always gold!

4. 3 things you do before you leave home ?

Corey Kennedys Part (pretty sweet) Nyjah Rise n Shine Wade Desarmo (DGK) Is
a Must before i been rolling lately

5. Favourite Home cooked meal/ Favourite Eat out meal ?
Ohh Mums Beef Stroganoff, Burritos n Tacos for eat outs!

6. Best Place you have traveled to and why ?
Thailand Last Year was insane, Have to say there only place ive been out of

7. Best skate city you have been to ?
Went Brisbane Recently was Pretty sick But Have to say Sydney yet to
experience any other Cities

8. Biggest influences ?
Dane Chima Dean Palmer So good to see them all make it All deserve it! They
really influence Me to try go futher! Any Skater who is helping others
aswell, Went to Brisbane recently with Stu Hart n met up with Pedro he
killing it up there with the kids we need more people like him!

9. Websites or apps checked on the Reg ?
Hideaf.com.au, Instagram n Fb Get me everytime

10. What are you working on in 2013 ?

Try Skate More! Get Clips Chill With the Boys! Try Get some more bangers!!

Thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “Dangerous 10 With Cody Riley”

  1. Brylee Mills – hey Bethanymy name is Brylee mills i’m from New Zealand and i am nearly 16 years old! when i was 6 years old i was in a car ancidect in which my left arm was amputated above the elbow. i carried on dancing after the ancidect despite the challenges that i faced and have never looked back i compete all around New Zealand against abled body dancers and i have won trophy’s and medals for it. Before one of my ops that i had to have on my stump my aunty bought me your book and it really helped me get through things it was good to remember there is other girls out there like me. so thanks! i wanted to know if you can do everything and what you find hard over the years i have learnt to do sooo much i can tie my hair and ride a bike etc etc! a few weeks a go i got a new prosthesis which is a cosmetic arm which means it looks quite realistic it seems to stop the steers a bit haI’ve always wanted to meet you and talk to someone else who faces the same challenges as me!I’ve tried surfing a few times and loved it but not been very good.i’ve also recently started snow boarding. i started when a guy called Travis Thiele came up to me at the mountain and told me about the adaptive learning programme that runs up their. i have now had lessons etc and their has been talk of the paraolympics being a possibility if i want to get into it.thanks for being someone i can look up to and aspire to be like i know you probably get a lot of this kind of mail but i’ve never known any other young girl to have an amputation like me. and honestly we have to look out for each other i mean we are the minority.please write back and keep in touch.xoxoBrylee Mills

  2. Hi Brylee,

    Thanks for your message and support.
    You sound like a very determined young person who seems to be able to do anything you put your mind to.
    Keep up the good work!

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