Dangerous 10 with Andrew “Beacho” Beauchamp

Beacho - Pop Shuv in the 4151
Beacho – Pop Shuv in the 4151

This weeks Dangerous 10 is with Beacho. Chances are if you’ve ever skated Coops, you would’ve heard and seen him tearing that place apart.

1. What are you rolling with at the moment ? (skate setup / Film set up /
Photo set up )

I am not rocking any thing at the moment I left my set up in the back of Crookys car in Melbounre

2. Favourite Aussie skater/s ?
Nate Dawg, DD, Sammy, Cutie (Josh Pall), Elan Louis

3. Favourite Aussie Videos/webclips ?
Northen Lights, Part and Parcel, Secy Presh, It Is What It Is, Short but Sweet

4. 3 things you do before you leave home ?
Beat it up, eat breaky ,get dressed, roll out

5. Favourite Home cooked meal/ Favourite Eat out meal ?
steak and salad for sure and nandos

6. Best Place you have traveled to and why ?
Thailand ,cheap piss

7. Best skate city you have been to ?
Dunno havent been to many i like brissy

8. Biggest influences ?
Dahlia Lama, Friends and Family

9. Websites or apps checked on the reg??
insta fb skateboard.com.au youtube

10. What are you working on in 2013 ?
Finish my DP part got a bit of work on save some money and just see what happens


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