Dangerous 10 – Chris Coleman

This weeks D.10 is with another Bay homie, Chris Coleman who now holds it down in Melbourne. He also happens to be able to grow a bloody good beard…..Must be something in that Bay water.

Bs Tail, Photo - Duncan Ewington
Bs Tail, Photo – Duncan Ewington

1. What are you rolling with at the moment ? (skate setup / Film set up /
Photo set up )

8.25 lurkville board, 52mm motion wheels, Theeve trucks. Reds bearings. Film setup iPhone 4 for life.

2. Favourite Aussie skater/s ?

Jake Darwen, Al purdie, Gus faithful

3. Favourite Aussie Videos/webclips ?

Northern lights, IHU, GIHU etc etc and pretty much all Michael Pearce clips, It Is What It Is. Part and parcel.

4. 3 things you do before you leave home ?

Eat, Medicine, Clean them teeth

5. Favourite Home cooked meal/ Favourite Eat out meal ?

At home roast chicken and vegetables with gravy, must have gravy. Eat out Tibas Lebanese mixed grill from Sydney rd round the corner from my house, cheap and amazing.

Tre Flip Fakie, Photo - Tim Black
Tre Flip Fakie, Photo – Tim Black

6. Best Place you have traveled to and why ?

The other dimension, it’s cheap, and its the best place evvvvvveeeeerrrrrrr

7. Best skate city you have been to ?

Melbourne, that’s why I moved here. Such a fun city to skate. Good people and parks and street.
Much love for Brisneyland and its rawness. Never forget where I came from.

8. Biggest influences ?

Good vibes, fun sessions with friends

9. Websites or apps checked on the reg?

Instagram lurker hellaclips, berrics, thrasher. Most skate sites

10. What are you working on in 2013 ?

I’m working on my beard growth. All forms of hair farming

Bs Heelflip, Photo - Tim Black
Bs Heelflip, Photo – Tim Black

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