About the DP

Dangerous Posse is just a bunch of mates doing good stuff in there community by skating and also get lifestyle hammers together . There are alot of us so far but , never to much love to go around . We are always growing and just wanting to let you see how we see the world DANGEROUS enjoy our updates

8 thoughts on “About the DP”

  1. Hey DP Im the school girl who asked for a skate today by the yarra in the city, just wanted to say thanks, Im always gonna watch your vids, I have been skating for less then a year, and I could have done way better tricks without my uniform 🙂
    Thanks a lot you guys are awesome.

  2. Just wondering if I could find out your thoughts and if you have an images of the new Logan park (Shailer Park) via email. Working with the design company, really enjoyed the latest clip on skateboard.com.au


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