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This weeks Dangerous 10 is with the youngest member of the Posse

Back Tail

1. What are you rolling with at the moment ? (skate setup / Film set up / Photo set up )

Element 8.0, Venture Trucks, 51mm Spitfire F1, Grizzly Grip, Bones Reds, Diamond hardware.

2. Favourite Aussie skater/s ?

Dennis Durant, Nathan Jackson, Kurt Winter, all the DP and the Bay guys.

3. FAvourite Aussie Videos/webclips ?

Part n Parcel, Volcom Lets Live, Rigbys web clips

4. 3 things you do before you leave home ?

Shower, Choc Milk, play with my dog Ziggy

5. Favourite Home cooked meal/ Favourite Eat out meal ?

Spaghetti Bol, Nandos

6. Best Place / and or skate city you have traveled to and why ?

Canberra has sick spots, Melbourne is amazing but I didn’t stay long enough, Brissie as well.

7. Top 5 songs you are playing at the moment ?

Niggas in Paris- Jay-Z & Kanye, Otis- Jay-Z & Kanye, Tighten up- Black Keys, Hands against his own- Black Keys,
Big Pimpin- Jay-Z

8. Biggest influences ?

Torey Pudwill, Andrew Reynolds, Nick Garcia, all the Posse Guys amp me up to skate.

9. Websites or apps checked on the Reg ?

Instagram, Facebook, Hellaclips, NBA.com, Sneak N Destroy, Shock Mansion, dangerousposse.com

10. What are you working on in 2012 ?

Finish my part for the Posse Video, film for Volcom and Quintin